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Past Awardees

ASMB is proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of our members at the biennial meetings. Below you will find our previous year's awardees. To nominate an individual for an award or to apply for a travel award, click here.

2014 Awardees:

Iozzo Award: Adam Engler, University of California, San Diego, California

Senior Investigator: Vince Hascall, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio

Junior Investigator: Sean E. Gill, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

ISMB Distinguished Investigator: Leena Bruckner-Tuderman, University Frieburg, Germany

ASMB Travel and Poster

Carolyn Dancevic, Deakin University

Andrew DiChiara, MIT

Vincent Fiore,  Georgia Institute of Technology

Carmen Halabi, Washington University School of Medicine

Alison Muir, University of Wisconsin Madison

Nadine Nagy, Benaroya Research Institute

Thomas Neill, Thomas Jefferson University

Alexandra Pastino, Princeton University

Chi-Ting Su, University of Pittsburgh

Yukimasa Taniguchi, Institute for Protein Research

ASMB Minority Travel

Kristina Aguilera, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Michael Duncan, Georgia Regents University

Justin Parreno, University of Toronto

EDNF Awards

Sanne D'hondt, Ghent University

Yoshihiro Ishikawa, Shriner's Hospital for Children

Gili Naveh, HarvardUniversity

Arick Park, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Mei Sun, University of South Florida

ISMB International Travel Awards

Rushita Bagch, University of Manitoba 

Ryoko Sato-Nishiuchi, Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University

Tim Van Damme, Ghent University Hospital

2012 Awardees:

Senior Investigator Award

Billy Hudson, Vanderbilt University

Junior Investigator Award

Thomas Barker, Georgia Institute of Technology

2012 Poster and Travel Award Winners:

Lisa Ang, University of British Columbia

Vivek Desai, Princeton University

Alon Hendel, University of British Columbia

Marion Jeanne, University of California, San Francisco

Sandeep Khatri, University of Pittsburgh

Rooz Khosravi, Boston University

Ryan Petrie, National Institutes of Health

Purva Singh, Princeton University

Yoshito Yamishiro, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Kurt Zimmerman, University of Alabama at Birmingham



2010 Awardees:

Senior Investigator Award

Benoit de Crombrugghe, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Junior Investigator Award

Pyong Woo Park, Children's Hospital at Harvard, MA

2010 Selected Talk and Poster Awardees:

  •  Inkyung Kang, Benaroya Research  Institute, WA
  •  Sergi Boudko, Shriners Research Center, OR
  •  Wendy Boivin, University of British Columbia, Canada
  •  David Hudson, University of Washington, WA
  •  Lizhi Cao, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA
  •  William Daley, University at Albany, NY
  •  Juliane Huegel, Thomas Jefferson University, PA
  •  Fabien LeCaille, INSERM, France
  •  Thomas Neill, Thomas Jefferson University, PA
  •  Alexandra Naba, MIT, MA

2008 Awardees:

Senior Investigator Award

Robert Mecham, Washington University in St. Louis

Junior Investigator Award

Hiromi Yanagisawa, University of Texas Southwestern

One Time Founder's Award

Paul Bornstein, University of Washington (retired)

2008 Poster Awardees:

  •  Hye Jyn Chung, Thomas Jefferson University
  •  B. Frank Eames, University of Oregon
  • Alayna Loiselle, University of Rochester
  •  Marion Cooley, MUSC
  •  Qinglang Li, University of Washington
  •  Ivan Rebustiri, NIDCR-NIH
  •  Larry Luchsinger, Boston University
  •  Siddarth Vora, Boston University
  •  Lauren Van Duyn, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  •  Amy Pyle, Vanderbilt University

2006 Awardees:

Senior Investigator Award

Bjorn Olsen, Harvard University

Junior Investigator Award

David Calderwood, Yale University

2006 Poster Awardees:

  •  Shanna Arnold, University of Texas Southwestern
  •  Tamara Pozos, University of Washington
  •  Simone Barbero, UCSD
  •  Katy Rodgers, University of Pennsylvania
  •  Robert Hinton, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
  •  Valerie Schneider, University of Pennsylvania
  •  Vera Hintze, Thomas Jefferson University
  •  Adrian Shifren, Washington University
  •  Thomas Lozito, National Institutes of Health
  •  Millicent Sullivan, University of Delaware
  •  Audrey McAlinden, Washington University
  •  Elizabeth Sweeney, University of Pennsylvania
  •  Tom Merritt, University of Texas Houston
  •  Alencia Woodard-Grice, UAB

2004 Awardees:  (Note: Poster Awards were not issued in 2004)

Senior Investigator Award

Ken Yamada, NIDCR, NIH

Junior Investigator Award

Dwayne Stupack, Scripps Institute

2002 Poster Awardees:  (Note: Senior and Junior Investigator Awards were not issued in 2002)

  •  Justin Annes, New York University
  •  Leyla Valenick Williams, Princeton University
  •  Brandon Burback, University of Wisconsin
  •  Wenlin Yuan, Washington University
  •  Robert Johnson, Northwestern University
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